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Man behind the establishment

Dr. Niyaz Ahmad Jan , by profession a General Physician and holds fellowship in Gastroenterology and Endoscopy (USA) is the man behind the establishment of Mubarak Hospital, one of the known and trusted hospitals of Srinagar and along with the hospital a Paramedical Training Institute  is also affiliated offering various courses which definitely gives an edge to the hospital.

Students can think out of box now and realize how precious their time is and in very less duration they too can excel and prove their mettle in any of the  paramedical course they opt for because such people are the cornerstone will definitely find a pool of promising opportunities in health care sector round the globe for them.

As it is said that “Rome was not built in a day “, the same saying goes with Mubarak Hospital. To make Mubarak Hospital a reputed name as he dreamt of, Dr. Niyaz Ahmad Jan-Managing Director of Mubarak Hospital and Mubarak Paramedical Training Institute along with his associates strived hard and were really committed to what they actually want to produce.

Dr. Niyaz Ahmad Jan always restrained from joining government jobs even after getting a lot of opportunities because he wanted to provide best possible service to humanity and simultaneously earn too and Alhamdulillah his belief has been yielding fruits so far. 

It has been almost 18 years now since 2000, when Mubarak Hospital was set up at Abi Guzar, Lal Chowk, Srinagar. Later in the year 2004, it was shifted to Hyderpora and is running there only now along with the Paramedical Training Institute associated with it.

The hospital management has tried to keep availed the best of specialists with expertise in different specialties like-Orthopaedics, Physicians, Gynaecology, Neurology, Dermatology, Paediatrics etc.

What individualizes Mubarak Hospital

  • Sometimes it so happens a patient is not in a condition to visit the hospital, so giving priority to patient’s health, Home visit facility is made available(usually within the vicinity)
  • Blood samples are collected from the home place for conducting different examinations
  • Medicines are distributed from Hospital’s Pharmacy
  • Students getting training at Paramedical training institute get chance to work in Mubarak Hospital by which they are able to gain hands-on experience.

Mubarak Hospital keeps on holding Medical camps within the hospital and outside too especially in far-flung areas where people lack medical facilities.

So far many Medical camps have been held at different places like one at Pahalgam in 2017 where a large number of patients with Cancer, Cardiac problems, Diabetes etc were seen by Dr.Niyaz and many other specialists. Another successful camp was held at Kargil this year.

It was a 3 days camp and constituted a large number of specialists from different fields. A mobile diagnostic lab was along for conducting blood examinations, USG’s etc. The camp was visited by around 1200 patients with different ailments and Alhamdulillah it ended well.

The motive of the Medical camps is not to just distribute medicines ,conduct medical examinations but to aware the people about the diseases that are on rise like Diabetes, Hypertension ,Thyroid etc and guiding rather counselling them so that they can tackle with such diseases because some of them are definitely lifelong diseases so motivation power, change in lifestyle are some of the requisites.

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