Para Medical Training


  1. FMPHW (Female Multipurpose Health Worker).
  2. MMPHW (Male Multipurpose Health Worker).
  3. LAB. ASST (Laboratory Assistant).
  4. THEATRE ASST. (Theatre Assistant).
  5. OPTH. ASST. (Opthalmic Assistant).
  6. X-RAY ASST. (X-Ray Assistant).
  7. MEDICAL ASST> (Medical Assistant).



  • Adequate well ventilated classrooms for all streams.
  • Well equipped laboratory for teachimg.
  • Fully equipped X-ray and ultrasonography sections for demonstration to students.
  • well established pharmacy within the permises.
  • A well equipped opthamology setup for demonstration to students.
  • A functional labour room for practical training.
  • well equipped functional operation theatre for students demonstration.
  • Established Poly-clinical setup for proper OPD exposure
  • All practical training given under highly qualified Experts.


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